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Esmae Matthews, BSc. (Hons), AREC

Esmae Matthews, BSc. (Hons), AREC


Esmae joined Compass Life Sciences in 2021 where she specialises in supporting the Research and Development sector in identifying high quality, engaged Life Sciences talent across the Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Medical Device and CRO / CDMO industries.

Esmae recently graduated from Kings College, London, with a First Class Honours BSc., in Neuroscience. The course involved a heavy focus on research across both primary and secondary sources, as well as quantitative and qualitative analysis. Her final year project looked at ‘Investigating Functional and Anatomical Recovery of Spinal Cord Injury Using the Novel Regenerative Therapy Chondroitinase ABC’, and she remains passionate about, and engaged with the scientific community.

Outside of work, Esmae often goes to the gym; dress-making; and pole fitness.

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