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Meet the team

James Nyssen, MBA, BA (Hons)

James Nyssen, MBA, BA (Hons)


James joined Compass Life Sciences as Director in January 2021, bringing more than 20 years’ experience within pharmaceutical recruitment, talent acquisition and outsourced services industries.

James has held senior roles within pharmaceutical contract sales organisation Marvecs, and founded Clinical Professionals and Only Medics (Now CPL Life Sciences having sold the business in 2016) and grew business into one of Europe’s largest Pharmaceutical recruitment businesses – with headcount of 80 staff across offices in UK, Germany, Belgium, and US.

His experience ranges from building teams  of 200+ pharmaceutical Account managers, staffing European R&D functions for a specialist Oncology Biotech’s and deploying FSP (Functional Service Provision)  teams in Biostats, Regulatory and Clinical Development.