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The G7 Summit 2021: 100 Days Mission for future pandemics

This landmark collaboration is to protect against future pandemic threats and slash time to develop and deploy new diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines to 100 days.

Life science industry leaders are joining forces with governments to step up collective efforts to save lives from diseases and tackle global pandemics. This commitment was announced at the conclusion of the recent G7 health event on life sciences. The partnership working aims to achieve the ambition of better pandemic preparedness for the future.

Following discussions at the G7 Health Ministers’ Meeting, CEOs and company representatives – among those leading the efforts to develop COVID-19 diagnostics, vaccines and treatments – backed the ambition of the 100 Days Mission set out by the pandemic preparedness partnership.

The government and industry leaders have agreed to work towards a plan to develop and deploy high-quality diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines in just 100 days after a new pandemic threat is identified. Succeeding this target would take the great achievement of delivering COVID-19 vaccines in 326 days to the next level and protect people from potential future pandemics.

CEOs and representatives from some of the world’s largest life sciences companies participated in the UK’s G7 health event on life sciences, which also included deliberations on how the public and private sectors can work together to combat antimicrobial resistance (AMR).

All participants recognised the crucial importance of sustained political and industry leadership in between outbreaks and of the public and private sectors working together to tackle the most complex global health threats.

What will the 100 Days Mission mean for future pandemics?

The pandemic preparedness partnership aims to ensure the world is better protected against future pandemics by putting into place the comprehensive set of actions needed in order to achieve the ambitious target of 100 days. New therapeutics, vaccines and diagnostics against potential future pathogens should be part-developed before the next pandemic starts, involving sustained innovation and collaboration between large and small companies, academic and medical researchers, regulators and global health bodies.

This collective aspiration to support the 100 Days Mission represents a significant milestone. It will ensure the industry is part of a robust collaboration alongside governments, international organisations and academia over the coming months and years to take action towards a common goal: protecting people from future pandemics through developing and deploying safe, targeted and effective diagnostics, therapeutics and vaccines at scale, with a good safety profile.

Further engagement between industry leaders and governments will take place over coming months.

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